Industrial Plastics
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Industrial Plastics

Which special materials for specific applications can we manufacture for you? Our individual solutions for our customers include: 

  • The use of internally developed and formulated solvent-resistant MDI and TDI-based prepolymers for the use of PU-coated rolls in cold rolling mills.
  • Machine elements for hot and cold rolling mills, general and heavy machine construction
  • Sliding bearings for rolls on pure water cooling and lubrication
  • Highly wear-resistant plates for roll chocks
  • Joint blocks made of oil-filled cast polyamide and duroplastics
  • Roller covers made of elastomers
  • Moulded and pressed parts made of thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers
  • Pressure, transport and deflection rollers with various surfaces
  • Cable sheaves
  • Components made of Eurotex cotton hard fabrics
  • Coating of petroleum drill rods

Practical examples of application: 

  • Coating of rolls with "PU" for cold rolling and other equipment in the rotational moulding process
  • Elastic cast polyamide reel covers
  • Coupling packages in various shapes and sizes
  • "EP-Kombi" - connecting elements e.g. for fastening sliding and wear strips (Patent No. 20 2005 004 591.8)
  • Clamping sleeves, wear plates on hot and cold frames
  • Polyamide support feet in various shapes and sizes, e.g. for better load distribution, increased stability and weight saving of mobile crane outriggers.
  • Components for rail transport vehicles made of PA and PU
  • Cable sheaves as closed complete body or with exchangeable outer ring segments with patented guides
  • Gears made of cast polyamide or laminated fabric. Bearing shells and other parts made of hard cotton fabric
  • Guide rollers made of polyamide or polyurethane
  • Attached PA sheathing (approx. 600 kg) made of "EP-Nyrim 3000" to a rudder system made of stainless steel and aluminium (approx. 1t) of a US Navy frigate.
  • Corrosion and wear protection of petroleum drill rods
  • Spray polyurethane on various substrates and layer thicknesses
  • Axial fixing of the chock to work rolls and other parts. To save weight and simplify disassembly and assembly

Our pledge:

All Europlast-Nycast GmbH products are subjected to strict quality control before delivery.