Runflat Solutions
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Runflat Solutions

Our patented run-flat systems ensure safe continuation of a journey with deflated tyres incurred due to terrain or ballistic influences. We manufacture highly resilient run-flat systems and spreader rings in-house for wheel sizes from 14" to 27", suitable for various rim designs, tyre sizes and wheel loads. 

After casting the emergency running systems, our products go through quality control and undergo final manual and mechanical processing. We continuously develop our products for our customers and subject them to regular testing according to international military standards and quality controls in all wheel sizes. No matter whether dynamic or static load, or stress or beadlock systems, we meet precise individual requirements for safety, military and complete wheels.

Our product advantages:

  • Low weight
  • Precision and accuracy of fit
  • Easily assembled system – easy installation
  • CTIS system compatible
  • Resistant to ageing for decades of use
  • Dimensionally stable under extreme operating conditions